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Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center

OWNER John H. Boner Community Center 2236 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, IN 46201
ARCHITECT Radio Architects, Inc. 107 South Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis, IN 46204
PROGRAM DELIVERY METHOD Joint Venture with Browning Construction, Inc. Construction Manager


The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center is located on the Arsenal Technical High School campus.  The high school is one of the largest public high schools in the State of Indiana.  Established in 1912, the school consists of a 76-acre multiple-campus east of Downtown Indianapolis, and is the only such type school in Indiana.  The school was originally a U.S. Civil War Arsenal, which was closed after the Spanish-American War.

As part of the Indianapolis 2012 Super Bowl bid, the plan included the creation of the The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center.  The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center project was a community-driven venture to assist the near Eastside community with a better quality of life concept.  The 2012 Super Bowl helped secure this revitalization project for the entire neighborhood.

The facility features a full-service fitness facility, state-of-the-art media studio, mobile computer lab, educational greenhouse and garden, instructional kitchen, and art studio.