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Starbucks Coffee

OWNER HMS Host Corporation 6905 Rockledge Drive Bethesda, MD 20817 Ed Beeler
ARCHITECT GPD Group 520 S. Main Street Suite 2531 Akron, OH 44311 Kira Kabo
PROGRAM DELIVERY METHOD Construction Manager General Contractor


Davis & Associates was assigned eight (8) various retail build-out spaces concurrently to be completed in time for the grand-opening of the new Indianapolis Airport.

Three (3) locations each are accessible for passengers in the New Indianapolis Airport; unique in its design at approximately 500 SF offers the same quality product and service.

With over 15,000 stores world-wide, Starbucks has become part of pop-culture. The superior coffee and variety of specialty drinks has skyrocketed the corporation on to the list of “Fortune 500 Companies.”

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