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Davis & Associates, Inc. was presented by Safety Resources, Inc. the “General Contractor of the Year Safety Award” for continued effort and dedication to the overall Citizens Water Belmont AWT Plant and the Citizens Water Southport AWT Plant Projects.

Pictured back row from left to right: Ross Davis; Devin Davis; Chris Cochran; front row from left to right: Peter Thompson; Kyle Roe; Vern Cochran; Gregory Edmond; Gary Davis; Rick Basey; Safety Resources Representative.

A Message From Rick Basey
CHST Safety Coordinator

“It is the goal of Davis & Associates to achieve ZERO ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES. I am confident with the cooperation of management and all employees that this goal will be met.

My commitment is to the safety and health of all Davis & Associates employees, our subcontractor employees, and the employees for whom we provide our services. It is my vision to create an environment free of hazards by establishing, implementing and enforcing good safety practices at all Davis & Associates sites.”


Davis & Associates, Inc. will conduct a proactive safety program with complete compliance to IOSHA safety regulations to ensure a safe workplace for all contractors/subcontractors working on any Davis & Associates, Inc. projects.

Our safety program has been developed to assure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Safety and Health, Act of 1970 (OSHA), and the OSHA requirements that apply for our operations (29 CFR Part 1926). It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of the standards established by these agencies and to implement the rules and regulations contained therein on projects under their direction.

To help in this effort, the following activities have been developed:

  • Complete the established monthly inspection program detailed in this policy.
  • Coordinate our safety efforts with those of other contractors and the Construction Management.
  • Follow written guidelines in the safety program to protect Davis & Associates’ employees and all who work on or near a company’s project.

Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and the employees of potential subcontractors are a supreme responsibility of all levels of our organization. We intend to prevent any accidental injury, property damage, fire damage, and occupational illness. All of which could result in human suffering to include; accidents, even minor ones that cause pain, both physical and mental.

CORPORATE SAFETY GOAL:  Prevent all Injuries and Illnesses

A safe operation is organized, clean and efficient. If every employee views accidents in the same way we consider all other aspects of our operations, we will be in a better position not only to control accidents but also to improve the total performance of our company. It is therefore of utmost importance that all aspects of our safety program be strictly adhered to and that the intent of this program be followed to the letter. Any recommendations to improve our safety program are encouraged.

Terms:                       EMR:
8/1/15 to 8/1/16           .85
8/1/14 to 8/1/15           .73
8/1/13 to 8/1/14           .72