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Starbucks Coffee

Davis & Associates was assigned eight (8) various retail build-out spaces concurrently to be completed in time for the grand-opening of the new Indianapolis Airport.

Three (3) locations each are accessible for passengers in the New Indianapolis Airport; unique in its design at approximately 500 SF offers the same quality product and service.

With over 15,000 stores world-wide, Starbucks has become part of pop-culture. The superior coffee and variety of specialty drinks has skyrocketed the corporation on to the list of “Fortune 500 Companies.”

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Justin’s Restaurant

Davis & Associates completely enclosed the existing outdoor patio and installed various updated finishes at Justin’s Restaurant, Atlanta location. Owner and CEO Sean “Puffy” Combs established “Justin’s” based on the inspiration from his grandmother.

Justin serves upscale Caribbean and Southern cuisines.


Wolfgang Puck Express

Davis & Associates was assigned eight (8) various retail build-out spaces located in the New Indianapolis Airport, one of them being the Wolfgang Puck Express restaurant.

Wolfgang Puck Express offers its’ most popular dishes fast and affordably. At approximately 1,450 square feet space, this restaurant build-out included a brick-oven for pizza baking and a new wood bar.

National City Bank DBA PNC Bank

Davis & Associates is very proud of this bank project; its first bank branch. The schedule was accelerated and met within seventeen (17) weeks, per the Owner’s request.

This project turned out so well that National City Bank (dba PNC Bank) selected Davis & Associates as one of its contracting partners for their Midwest Branch Expansion Program. This designation gives Davis & Associates the honor and responsibility of constructing their bank branches throughout Central Indiana.