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Doing business since 1992, Davis & Associates, Inc. is a minority owned and operated Construction Management and General Contracting firm, with offices in Indianapolis, IN and Atlanta, GA.

Our commitment to our employees and customers is founded on the practice of thorough preparation, consistent performance and attention to quality and detail. This allows families of our employees the assurance that their loved ones will leave the jobsite daily just as they arrived. Additionally, it gives our customers the peace of mind that they will get a project that exceeds their expectations each time they entrust their project to us.

Specializing in commercial, industrial and institutional construction, Fortune 500 clients include Eli Lilly and Company, Clarian Health Networks, SBC/Ameritech, Indiana Housing Authority, Indianapolis International Airport and Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis.


To provide innovative solutions to our customers’ construction demands; we take pride in delivering projects that are of the highest quality and that are showcases, not only for the organizations that they house, but also for the teams of professionals that pour so much of themselves into their creation.


Quality, Dedication, Timeliness, Leadership. Davis & Associates is committed to providing its customers and all project stakeholders with a win-win construction experience.


The D&A Philosophy: Plan. Design. Build.

Since there are numerous delivery systems available to owners today, Davis &
Associates has the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of building to ensure the client receives superior quality with every choice.

We will interview the client to determine their specific needs and budget requirements. We carefully listen to the owner and make recommendations that will facilitate the construction process. Our approach to the work helps the owner choose the delivery system that is right for them, which ultimately leads to a more pleasant construction experience for everyone.


Pre-Construction Consulting
General Contracting
Construction Management
Program Management
Design Build
Facilities Maintenance
Property Management

Project Divisions



Design Build
General Conditions
Building Restorations
Carpentry (Rough and Finish)
Concrete (Foundations, Footings, Slabs, Exterior Finishing and Repair)
Doors and Hardware
Masonry Repair (Chemical Grout and Epoxy Injection)
Selective Demolition
Specialty Finish Installation (Division 10)

"An Equal Opportunity Employer"

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