New Light Baptist Church

Indianapolis, IN


New Light Baptist Church
2525 West 11th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46222


Heartland Design
429 East Vermont Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 636-6360

Program Delivery Method:

General Contractor

Start Date:

New Facility: April 1998
Renovation of Old Facility: October 2004

Finish Date:

New Facility: February 1999
Renovation of Old Facility: April 2005

Project Highlights:

In the heart of Indianapolis’ Westside, known as Haughtily, stands a beacon of light that has provided hope and help to this community for more than 100 years. New Light Baptist Church approached Davis & Associates with the need to expand by building a new sanctuary and renovating the old facility, which included a gymnasium.

The project was completed in 2 phases, so that it would neither overextend the congregation financially nor diminish their community impact.

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